Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We are no longer able to answer emails individually. We’ve compiled the below frequently asked questions based on feedback from the App Store and emails.

How do I close or quit the Goniometer Pro and Angle Pro apps?

Both apps force a horizontal orientation (landscape). If you are using an Apple device that no longer has the home button (iPhone X and later), you must swipe from the vertical side of the phone on the right when facing the phone vertically. A right to left swipe.

Will the Goniometer Pro and Angle Pro for iOS be updated?

Most likely yes, but there are no immediate plans or road map. Both apps still work as intended in the latest Apple iOS devices. We do have new designs that we’d like to implement for improved ease of use.

How do I use the Goniometer Pro?

We have a simple video on YouTube.

View video

Also, please search Google and YouTube for more examples on how to use the Goniometer Pro app. We plan to design a more comprehensive guide built in the app in a future release.

Why is the Goniometer Pro app so expensive?

The Goniometer Pro satisfies the needs of a small niche market, it only sells a few copies a month. The current price helps generate a minimum of income to keep its presence in the App Store.

Will the Goniometer Pro be available again for Android devices on Google Play?

There are no immediate plans for an updated version. The current version can no longer be sold on Google Play and is not supported. Please do not download the app outside of Google Play, we have no control over it and it may contain malware. If you must have the Goniometer Pro, install it on an iOS device.

Does 5fuf5 collects any private data?

We do not, only basic anonymous usage data is available for us from the App Store. The measurements stored in the app are completely anonymous and saved locally on your device.

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